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Game of Thrones s5 



Game of Thrones s5 


kc meme: [2/8] scenes » 4x23 “who’s next? i can do this all day.”

lately I’ve basically been living on my fb dash and I’m so sick of Delena fans criticizing stelena fans, cause as they say “they can’t accept delena, deal with it”.
I mean, at some point they become insulting towards a ship they should not care about, I’m totally aware some stelena fans are kinda crazy, but like in any other fandom there’s good and bad.
Even worse is that they do the same with Bamon fans, like there’s only Delena and nothing else, Bamon shouldn’t even exist. I hate this so much.

I’d like them to stop, but if I talk they’d shut me up, cause they’re just “telling the truth”. I always clear up I’m not stelena, but one day they’re gonna make me if they keep on talking about stelena and bamon fans so badly.

Happy anniversary to the dance that revolutionized a nation. (10.13.08)


it’s so weird that people are shaming Beyonce for being sexual during her performance when literally in the speech in flawless says “We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are." Like how do you miss the point that bad


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today it’s my bday, but i feel like it’s not.

22. I’m getting old.

Natalie Dormer for people magazine

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