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Expectations Vs. Reality / Game of thrones

"I suppose I loved Eric too, in my own way." 


You “suppose”? You fucking “SUPPOSE” you loved Eric?!

I’m sorry did season 4 not happen or something?! Like this is just fucking insulting at this point.


I didn’t want to waste my time still talking about true blood, but yesterday I was thinking about how the writers made me lose respect for Sookie. For this girl I’ve always defended from all the haters in anyway possibile, even though sometimes I was like “ugh sookie what the fuck are you doing??”. Now I can’t stand up for her anymore, I’m can’t even look at her and being disgusted by this once beautiful,strong, flawed girl that she was.
I could expect everything, really guys everything, but I can’t accept to see her fall on Bill’s knees once again, I won’t be able to witness her final defeat to a rapist, manipulator, violent, devious man who never ever had respect for her as a person, nor for other people.
A woman like her, that went through hell because of him and saw all the sides of this vicious man, decides to believe in him again, a sentence like “I can be trusted again” is enough to let her change her mind, when she took seasons to trust and have faith in Eric. No, I won’t accept it.

I wonder whether the writers have realized that they are depicting an example of an abusive relationship, where the girl gives up on herself, gives up to be an independent woman who decides to guard her life and make the decision to save herself from the worst, which doesn’t mean to be with Eric or any other man, it means to come to terms with the fact she needs to live her life independently from the men she’s surrounded by.
I’ve always wanted this for Sookie and I still want it, but since there are 4 episodes left and most probably she’s gonna hook up with Bill, I don’t believe it’s gonna happen.

Honestly I think she’s really a stupid, pathetic, weak, easy to manipulate girl and if the writers are so eager to show us this, well I guess they have some mental disease.
Thanks HBO for ending this show.

"He was my other half"

Sophie Turner speaking about Tyrion (via jared-and-jensen-winchester)

ok since I don’t want to waste my time watching TB, can someone tell me what Sookie said to Jason? I know it’s gonna be something stupid, but just curious



Expectations Vs. Reality / Game of thrones



Please note Sophie smacking Natalie’s bum repeatedly in the background.

I refuse to make a comment about the True Blood panel.

I’ll just stay here and pretend Fuckner never said those bullshit about Bill and Sookie.


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Got cast


Got cast




now reading this TB official Blog…. I’m so sooo confused! 

They mention a lot Eric and Sookie!

I’m kinda of surprised…. if this is not the way they are going this is just a terrible way to treat their fans… with false hopes

They even mention a fan tweet saying how cannot someone believe they are not going in that way! WOW

If they are indeed just playing with us, this is just shitty. Sigh.